Odens snus from GN Tobacco

Oden Snus is manufactured by the Swedish company GN Tobacco, which was founded in 2004, then under the name SNUS. In addition to Oden snus, GN Tobacco also stands for brands such as Olde Ving, Lenny, Siberia and Islay Whiskey Snus. Their state-of-the-art factory is located in Sweden, Enköping, where their snus has been manufactured since 2014.

GN Tobacco works towards a market with more choices for the consumers. Instead of the more traditional way of looking at it that comes from a business controlled by monopoly, GN Tobacco wants the consumers to control the supply, thus, creating a free and independent market with bigger selections and variations of tobacco products.

snus is inspired by nordic mythology

Oden is a god in Norse mythology, a collection of myths that existed in the Nordic countries before Christianity spread. The religion surrounding these myths is called “Asatro” and is strongly associated with the Viking Age. For the Vikings who lived in Sweden, Oden was an omniscient god, he was the greatest, oldest, wisest and of course also the best warrior. Oden was both a god of war, the god of poetry and the god of the dead.

Find your right choice in the range of Odens snus

In the wide range of Odens snus is can be hard to find the right choice if you just search for a special property. Luckily, you can always use our filter at SnusMe.com. There you can easily sort by the strength of the snus aswell as portion and format.

For example, you who are looking for moist portions with a extra high nicotine content can check the can for a big sword breaking down by the text Odens Extra Stark, which is the series Extra Stark Original. This snus gives a quick and powerful taste experience and has a nicotine level of 18mg/g. You can also find cans in the range with the text Extreme Portion and the logo surrounded by ravens and wolfes. These varieties all have a nicotine level of 22mg/g.

Odens snus portion and loose snus

In the wide range from Odens snus, you will find both portion snus and loose snus. The snus has become extremely popular due to its high quality in combination with a good price. Some bestsellers to take a closer look at for you who want to discover greatness with Odens snus is Odens Cold Extreme White, Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 16g and Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Slim.
If you want to discover other brands, and for you who may have already found your favorite At SnusMe, we have a wide range of snus. With us you will find a really large selection, including Nick & Johnny, Nordic Spirit, Knox, Kronan, Kurbits, LD, General G.3, Röda Lacket, Shiro, Jakobsson, Kaliber, Kapten, Offroad, Catch and Chainsaw.

Odens snus has the biggest selection

When it comes to the Odens snus brand, GN Tobacco has really taken big variety seriously and created one of the largest range on the market. For example, at SnusMe we have around 60 different products from Odens snus. It’s everything from traditional snus with a nicotine level of 8 mg/g, up to extreme snus varieties with 22 mg/g which is among the strongest on the market.
Even when it comes to flavouring, Odens snus offers a wide variety. Think of a taste you would like for a snus and you could probably find it in the range from Odens Snus. If you would like to try something new Odens snus can offer you flavouring such as cinnamon, vanilla, lime, licorice and melon just to name a few.

Why customers favorites from Odens snus

As we mentioned above, there are three varieties from Oden snus that the customers seems to like a bit extra which is the really strong snus varieties with an extremely high nicotine level of 22 mg/g and an icy taste of mint. This snus creates a feeling of the icy winter that we can guess that the Vikings in northern Sweden had to endure.
Odens Cold Extreme White Dry is an extra strong white dry portion that gives you a extremely strong nicotine experience and has a taste of icy mint. The white portion bags are un-moisturized and keep the taste of tobacco longer, and at the same time gives a minimal drip.

Both Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 16g and Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Slim are packaged in unmoistened chewing portion bags. They have a mild taste of tobacco and a clear taste of mint. What mainly distinguishes the two varieties from each other is the size of the portion bags where one is slim and the other is normal portion.

Chewing tobacco from Odens snus

Several of the products from the Odens snus range are chewing tobacco. Today, chewing tobacco is sold in a modern packaging that makes it easy, convenient and discreet to use. It is packaged in portion bags that look just like regular snus, but consist of a more durable snus paper that allows you to chew on it.
For regular snus, the tobacco is grinded down to a fine powder, but to make chewing tobacco in portion bags the tobacco is instead cut into pieces. These larger pieces of tobacco means that you, who use snus yourself, can control when and in what amount you want the nicotine to be excreted. You then choose to have the snus under your lip or to chew on it when you want more nicotine to be released.